Monday, February 06, 2006

I have skipped Days three and four and Move to 5

I read that Day 5 in the Year of the Dog says.
" Families stay at home and Welcome the God of Wealth
into the home
Visiting another persons home on this day is considered very unlucky
for the visitor and the host"

Yesterday 6th Feb 2006 it was ,a Monday it be
I decided to mow the lawn
the grass was long ,too long
Mower repaired and ready to start
Front lawn first....then back yard next

Jessie Dog sitting on next doors' lawn
mower running well ,phone rang I went to pick it up from the porch
Too late ...onto answering machine it went
I finished the lawn,
I angled the mower down the small slope
to do the outside nature strip in the street

She had gone ,she had disappeared
I went inside,out the back,behind the sheds,down the street,looked over to the park
Not a sign of her....Jessie was missing...
Now deaf ,she could not hear me or the mower
I did panic ,I admit, that I was shaking

Once before only she had done this....
Crossed a very busy mad speeding road near her home
God forbid I thought ...turning off the mower I moved quickly
Up to the corner....just in time to see my friend Angie crossing
over the road with Jessie in tow.
Not only visiting anothers home was bad luck
Crossing this speed track was more than bad luck
it could be a death sentence
She couldn't tell me why she did it
I was so angry and relieved at the same time.

I needed more than a cup of tea
I didn,t smack her,my fault for not watching her more carefully
My neighbour Chris on his day off drove his 4x4 in, smiling broadly
"Been to collect my winnings" he said
What winnings ?said Angie
My Tattslotto ( Australian lottery) mostly in Victoria
said he...
"$2400"....."Big win" he said....all in cash ,he showed us.

I could not even congratulate him,a smile wouldn't come
I was
only in relief mode
Perspiring ,shaking and feeling worn out.
Good on you I said
" You don't seem surprised" said Chris

Angela laughed,looked at me
as he told us of his GREAT news
My news was of another kind
as I told him mine and Jessie's
Chris has never had a dog,
emotions like this sound foreign to him
His win....was not my win

I thought of the day's events
and relate them to a day on the
Chinese New Year celebrations
a coincidence, a story of a dog
a dog that should not have visited friends
it could have been very unlucky....
Welcoming the God of Wealth ,not to my home
but next door at my neighbours
Now to the Host that Jessie Dog visited
I have not asked them as of this morning
If they have experienced any bad luck
I shall await them visiting me when a cuppa
this afternoon is the nice part of the day.

I finish off my story as the time
nears 12.30 ,time for a cuppa
Jessie lies under my feet
scratching ,licking her paws
The noise is deafening
I don't mind at all .....

Lois (Muse of the Sea) 7.2.06


At 2:48 AM, Blogger le Enchanteur said...

Poor Jessie! You were busy and Angela gave her lots of attention. It is the Year of the Dog every year at your place my dear.


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